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Odette Marche Beautiful French Aristocrat by day, However, behind her stately facade lies a smart, patriotic Frenchwomen. Are there any other fics out there like these? God is that you? I make the mistake to turn and say, "What?" "JARVIS, pull up all the records about time travel from the year 1945 to 1956," Tony commanded. Soviet goes to the Reich's old base and sees the Reich sitting dead in his chair. Who will she meet? Sometimes they tortured people and ruined lives just because they could. Soviet Storm. ... Time Travel Heroes Stop Hitler - Duration: 3:54. I hear someone yell, "Becca, over here!" “time travel” RSS Feed Episode 37: the story of a letter- a back to the future fanfic November 8th, 2019 | Season 2 | 52 mins 52 secs Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time and its sequel Harry Potter and the Heartlands of Time by joe6991. Studio C Recommended for you. As a child. A SELF-PROFESSED time traveller has shockingly stated Germany had won World War 2, but a time machine in London changed the course of history to help out the Allies, in a bizarre video. Accidental Time Travel: Characters wind up in another time by sheer accident. But then, after an wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, Lukas and Theodore lost their last shred of restraint. They turn so I dunk behind the bush, I was hiding behind. However, a classmate travels back with them and becomes … What if it took more than just luck to save the world? I know with the bombing I should be at work, nursing everyone. - I included Millennium Wake as an example of what I mean. Lydia Wilson was going to school to become a nurse, and lived in a small apartment with her boyfriend, James Barnes. Will she get home? Basically I was challenged to think of the crackiest pairing I could and write a fanfiction of them. 5 different mysteries doors open in 5 different locations, triggering fights, blood and Dest... On the morning of April 17 a veteran tank commander named Ryker von Schmitz is sent with his crew are waiting for the enemy by a small canal but was called back to the R... 1940, two years after a brutal civil war that saw the return of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the revived German Empire has become the most dominant military, economic and technolo... All events from 1939 to 2100 in the last regiment. Is adding a folder for stories where a character is not in their own time, but didn't get there through direct travel (e.g. ". Gisela has always taken her job serious and ne... A month after battle of England, and year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor. This is a background story for the characters in my WW1-WW2 fanfiction. near-future military jet and his machine find themselves back in time on an airfield near the front line in World War I. #worldwarii, I would explain where I am, but I have no idea. I hope you enjoy my story! I think he's cute, in an older manly way. Book Title Generator 10,000+ good book titles to inspire you. Time travelling fics involving the Howling Commandos? Actually, she couldn't have heard me. A U.S Marine fought in... Lyana was a blonde dancer aka a total cliché. trapped in stone for 1000 years, a coma, etc) too off topic for the group? He would be in NY in Teddy Roosevelt's time. Active 2 years ago. He was hunted by something from … The second world war is over. ❝ Why do we always have to fight for peace? They try to change the course of the war and ultimately succeed, however in the end it is … Knowing their aunt was a target, the twins do what they can to make sure she does not become one of the many abducted. I read a time travel book, possibly written in the 70's or 80's where a man in a highrise office in NY, would look out a window, and when he saw it snowing, was transported to the early 1900's. When I get there a lady tackles me to the ground and asked, "Did you think I wouldn't get you?! Time travel to WWII to try to change the course of the war. You know what I … Which gives me a challenge, to never see her again. I recently read Thermotemporal Equations where WW2 era Bucky was accidentally brought to the future, and to memory now I can't recall where WW2 era Bucky and post CA:TWS Bucky switch places. Who doesn't love time travel!? RomexAmerica. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Add a mini-Namikaze Minato, ninjas, chakra, tailed beasts, and shake well. She yells at me,"I see you." 1. Time Travel To WW2 Xie Yu Zheng. Nothing came of these discussions, initially. TIME TRAVEL! Will she get home? Language: English Words: 9,445 Chapters: 2/7 Collections: 1 Comments: 10 Kudos: 35 Bookmarks: 1 … #won3rdplaceincontest Ask Question Asked 6 years, 2 months ago. Everybody would've loved her but only the infamous Finn Shelby did. For stories of time travel in antiquity, see the history of the time travel concept.For video games and interactive media featuring time travel, see list of games containing time travel. Which I must have said aloud, cause somebody near said, "Hello? To make things worse, he is under the same roof as Lithuania which normally wouldn’t be a problem for anyone else, but for Prussia things are a bit awkward as long ago he broke Lithuania's heart and betrayed him. preferably long ones, with future!Steve and/or future!Bucky in them. I'm still running when I see, George Patton. An unhappy 35 years old divorced woman who was having lots of troubles is given a second chance in life and transported through time to her past when she suddenly wakes up … It's the story of what happens when - after a decade of social and political decay and collapse - the American, British and German crews of a NATO intercention force into what amounts to another power block's turf find themselves back in WW2. Hi. A girl named Becca gets lost in time after a science fair malfunction. #science Browse timetravel fanfics and stories. Of course, that's fairly different from typical time-travel in LNs and webfics and fanfics, usually around here the time-travel is a good thing allowing someone the chance to make things better, whereas in canonical 40k I think timetravel is generally a Warp effect, often involving the Ruinous Powers (derp … Déjà vu no Jutsu by Vixen Tail. I hear screaming and see people running, but I'm too paralyzed to move. What if yo... Having worked undercover across Europe for the majority of wartime, Juliette Chevalier has become used to living as a mere shadow of the world. Once the airplanes were gone, I realized I'm at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, aka World War 2. A group of people travel back in time to WWII. Language: English Words: … Who will she meet? A pilot of an (American?) For now she is stationed at the Eisenwald Prison in Berlin. Although this is primarily a fantasy and time travel series with elements of steampunk, there are interludes of alternate history. You can pick between fantasy, crime, mystery, romance, or sci-fi. I know quite a few good time travel fics but they're not in any fandom you mentioned. © Joseph Liebgott fanfiction Its a wank but a very interesting wank with good details that makes for a good read. Hello hello and welcome! Had a current day girlfriend who was a pschycologist. ; Alien Space Bats: Something supernatural or technically natural but highly implausible that causes the alternate … Even when two sides have perfectly legitimate reasons, shit can and … I will update with a new chapter every weekend, if not more frequently. They're more realistic types like what happens if the US or UK from 2003 replaces the US from WW2. I've already read " … I came back to my senses, and sneak to the other side of the road. I get away easy, but she still knows what I look like. Bucky gets drafted to fight in WW2 leaving Katrina and Steve alone. Time displacement? Viewed 1k times 4. Bugs … Chapter One of this fanfic) 24, (First day of Operation Market Garden) 25, (End of World War 2 in Europe, Bombing of Hiroshima, Japanese Surrender) What if the tides were turned? by the way I do not own RWBY... 1941 - the year America entered World War 2. He would become a Pilot of the RAF like his his idol. It was only the beginning of your career in the Royal Navy, however it was unfortunately ending faster than anyone including you could've expected, there was certainly s... What Happens when 4 US Marines from different conflicts are thrown together into a new world and they have to fight together to stay alive. I was inspired to write this book after seeing Wonder Woman in theatres. One of Hydra's most dangerous weapons since the Winter solider was taken. For example, in one scene, the characters enter a world where Spiro Agnew became the 38th US President, in another they visit a world where Gary Hart was President in the 1980s and Ronald … What will she do to get back to her mom? Classification: Historical Characters The adventures of John Surrey continue in Timeshare – A Time For War, the third installment of the Timeshare trilogy. I'm horrific at summaries but yeah, basically a ww2 fic with love and some semblance of philosophy to tie it all together lmao. I'm looking for a book that is at least 20 years old. After the incident will the nurse, I ask myself, "How do I get back." Take one dead, thirty year old career soldier, stick in the body of a child during the Second Great Shinobi War. Looking for some time travel fics . WW2 U.S. Marine X RWBY by Spartan--1775 13.8K 245 17 In 1945, Nazi's Germany surrenders to Allies and so Europe from the Nazi clutches, The Empire of Japan forces are being pushed back towards Japan. Katrina and Bucky Barnes have been friends for a long time, so far back that it reaches to the 1920’s. ❞ 3:54. "Yes, sir." I do have a love for mature themes, so I'd advise you to avoid this community if you are not comfortable with slash or … Recommended by: Shadow AI, Looney Toons, Maybe Yes Maybe No, Fiddlesoup, Sheaman3773, USA Bobcat, aightaight, Pastykake Status: Complete; Synopsis: A Time Travel fic in which Harry is stuck in a Groundhog … Time travel in novels, short stories and … What will she do to get back to her mom? #timetravel Never staying in one plac... Juliette Chevalier and her team have been sitting on a huge secret. Set in early-mid 1944! Time Traveler Collectibles Dealer in authentic historical military collectibles, .Page - Time Traveler Militaria - posted in BUYERS SELLERS: I have bought some items from both Johnny and Dave in the past and was very happy with them, just .Online catalog of authentic ww2 German medals badges and awards for sale.Find 1 listings related to Time … A girl named Becca gets lost in time after a science fair malfunction. This community will include all those stories that I love and personally find intriguing. After the last few years of militarizing and industrializing Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm has annexed Austria and taken the Sudetenland from Cze... [Copyright © 2014] In 1943, Charlotte Truly is a nineteen-year-old American nurse serving in World War II. all rights go to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and everyone who worked on it. WBWL, AU, Crossovers, Time Travel, Slash, Dark!Harry, Slytherin!Harry, Ravenclaw!Harry, Azkaban!Harry; they're all here! For years she murdered but didn't know what she w... Not everything Hydra did had a specific purpose. You can find out in this funny, humoro... #relationships Until... Its 1943, The world is tense. The pilot decides to use the awesome power of his modern machine to aid the allied cause. Loading... Unsubscribe from Xie Yu Zheng? He had been shot in the head. A secret they never thought would come out. Basically, Cursed Child is a fancy fanfic that makes embodies what people think of when they think trashy fanfiction. This is a James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes x OC story I am turning into a full-length story. I wake up not seeing my time machine, when I notice it's in pieces on the ground. (Buster Bunny) Age: 16 Rank: Flying Ace Ailas: The Blue Bunny Series: Tiny Toons Adventures Bio: Buster Bunny Was Born into a happy family in the city of London. I head to the hospital, where everyone is rushing around to help the injured. You know what pairing I thought of? Back in Time to World War II Historical Fiction. So hi! It might have helped if I would have saw her too. Could she have? The lady answered my question, "Is this a joke?" You know what I then thought of? Her time machine and gets crushed and she has nowhere to go. In this book, John Surrey – the head of security of the time travel agency – and his wife Althea Rowland, go back to London in the 1940s so they could participate in World … Time travel is a common plot element in fiction.Works where it plays a prominent role are listed below. Broken and defeated, the War long since lost, Harry enacts his final desperate gambit: Travel back in time to the day of the Third Task, destroy all of Voldemort's horcruxes and prevent the Dark Lord's resurrection…all within the space of … ; Adventures in the Bible: Someone goes to the past and experiences a well-known story (usually a biblical one, hence the title). I just needed fresh air, and-" She must have stopped talking because she heard me giggle. They called (Y/N) "NighterStalker". Soon, there were tons of documents, videos, and lab reports on … The fact that the time travel was a mess...a mess that resulted in Harry Potter having to WATCH his parents die, and that is the opposite of cool. Part One: A Flux in the Time-Space Continuum. I decide I shouldn't be seen because I don't want to change the future. They spent months gathering information and crafting a strategy that would help Germany emerge victorious from WW2. Her time machine and gets crushed and she has nowhere to go. He dreamed about one day. In 1945, Nazi's Germany surrenders to Allies and so Europe from the Nazi clutches, The Empire of Japan forces are being pushed back towards Japan. Not necessarily Bucky. Generate a random story title that’s relevant to your genre. Posts about Time Travel written by TwiFanfictionRecs. I get off the ground, and just run. So patriotic in fact, she has sacrificed her pride and snuggled up to SS Colonel, Oberst Hans Lander, in order to gain information that could benefit the resistance. Ichiro and Kanon travel back to November of 1977 in Japan, an infamous time; the height of abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korea. I love time travel. She runs at me, but I'm too quick. I realize I stopped running and now I'm drooling, behind a building, over a man that is 56, and I'm 14. I look up, and see aircrafts circling the area dropping bombs. © cover made by me. The oldest of four daughters, Charlotte is mostly a shy and re... Gisela Heissler is part of Frau Engel's Bund Deutscher Mädel. Age: 19, (Beginning of WW2) 22, (Bombing of Pearl Harbour, A.K.A. The Mystery Of El Jardin by MarieCarro ~ Complete Summary: A group of college students with clashing personalities wins an all-expenses-paid weeklong vacation at a luxury resort in the Caribbean, thinking it will be spent on the beach in the glorious sunshine. Do you want them After losing WW2, Prussia is forcefully separated from his brother to live with Russia. Do you know any good time travel fics that involve the howling commandos?

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