mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation

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2Methodology This paper used grey data collected in 2018 from papers and reports of mangrove restoration, rehabilitation and reforesta-tion projects in Vietnam as well as peer-reviewed articles in the Scopus database. 10.1017/S0376892900004926, Alongi DM, Pfitzner J, Trott LA, Tirendi F, Dixon P, Klumpp DW: Rapid sediment accumulation and microbial mineralization in forests of the mangrove Kandelia candel in the Jiulongjiang Estuary, China. Reference mangrove forests are mature mangrove forests composed of native tree species which have never been subjected to major anthropogenic impacts and represent as closely as possible the biodiversity of mangrove forests in the region. 10.2307/1937691, Bacon PR: Use of wetlands for tourism in the insular Caribbean. J Coastal Devel 12:144–156, Stephen MF 1984 Mangrove restoration in Naples, Florida. [7] investigated functionality of restored mangroves. One reviewer will apply the agreed inclusion criteria to all remaining articles. pp 153–172 in RR Lewis (ed), Creation and restoration of coastal plant communities. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Valiela I, Bowen JL, York JK (2001) Mangrove forests: one of the world's threatened major tropical environments at least 35% of the area of mangrove forests has been lost in the past two decades, losses that exceed those for tropical rain forests and coral reefs, two other well-known threatened environments. Bangkok, Thailand: mangroves for the future and gland. 219 p, Lewis RR, Gilmore RG Jr, Crewz DW, Odum WE (1985) Mangrove habitat and fishery resources of Florida. Patrimonio natural de México. The proportion of studies in the test library identified by each search string was recorded as the search terms were refined (Additional file 2). Biotemas 27:37–48, Beymer-Farris BA, Bassett TJ (2012) The REDD menace: resurgent protectionism in Tanzania’s mangrove forests. Science, business, and practice. Aquat Bot 89:251–259, Bosire JO, Kaino JJ, Olagoke AO, Mwihaki LM, Ogendi GM, Kairo JG, Berger U, Macharia D (2014) Mangroves in peril: unprecedented degradation rates of peri-urban mangroves in Kenya. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:14369–14374, Snedaker SC, Biber PD (1996) Restoration of mangroves in the United States of America. Landis JR, Koch GG: The measurement of observer agreement for categorical data. The project involved the expansion of an existing mangrove forest on the seaward side of a dike system. VHRM was partially funded by The Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research program (grant nos. ISME/ITTO, Okinawa, pp 170–188, Stanley OD, Lewis RR (2009) Strategies for mangrove rehabilitation in an eroded coastline of Selangor, peninsular Malaysia. These are obviously cost prohibitive amounts for most countries seeking to restore damaged mangroves. 88 p, Couwenberg J, Dommain R, Joosten H (2010) Greenhouse gas fluxes from tropical peatlands in south-east Asia. University of Maine Press, Orono, pp 81–138, Oliveira-Filho RR, Rovai AS, Menghini RP, Coelho-Jr C, Schaeffer-Novelli Y, Cintron-Molero G (2016) On the impact of the Brazilian Forest Code on mangroves: a comment to Ferreira and Lacerda (2016). Andradi-Brown, D.A., Howe, C., Mace, G.M. In: GME P, Wolanski E, Cahoon DR, Brinson MM (eds) Coastal Wetlands: An Integrated Ecosystem Approach. Over half the worlds mangrove forests have been destroyed during the last 50 years estimated at 32 million hectares (app. 10.1038/nature11148, Elmqvist T, Folke C, Nystrom M, Peterson G, Bengtsson J, Walker B, Norberg J: Response diversity, ecosystem change, and resilience. PubMed Google Scholar. Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, pp 201–216, Stevenson NJ, Lewis RR, Burbridge PR (1999) Disused shrimp ponds and mangrove rehabilitation. Ann Tour Res 1987, 14: 104–117. The dominant mechanism with which restoration has been approached is through mangrove planting, 62. Coastal rehabilitation and mangrove restoration using melaleuca fences Practical experience from Kien Giang Province 4 5 Mangrove forests are being lost through erosion at an alarming rate in Viet Nam. 10.1016/0160-7383(87)90050-8, Cardinale BJ, Duffy JE, Gonzalez A, Hooper DU, Perrings C, Venail P, Narwani A, Mace GM, Tilman D, Wardle DA, Kinzig AP, Daily GC, Loreau M, Grace JB, Larigauderie A, Srivastava DS, Naeem S: Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. Relevant studies and references contained within will be identified. The area extension of mangrove sites undergoing restoration or just afforestation ranged from few square meters to several thousand hectares. Ecol Res 23:401–407, Ren H, Lu HF, Shen WJ, Huang C, Guo QF, Li ZA, Jian SG (2009), Rey JR, Carlson DB, Brockmeyer RE Jr (2012) Coastal wetland management in Florida: environmental concerns and human health. Tri et al. He was featured in ISME Newsletter No. With a diverse range of techniques available for restoration and rehabilitation, it is important to ensure that a clear objective exists [41]. Hogarth P: The biology of mangroves and seagrasses. An evaluation of mangrove restoration projects in eastern Australia. Bioscience 51:807–815, Vilardy SP, Gonzalez JA, Martin-Lopez B, Montes C (2011) Relationships between hydrological regime and ecosystem services supply in a Caribbean coastal wetland: a social-ecological approach. In: Kusler JA, Kentula ME (eds) Wetland creation and restoration: The status of the science. While there has been a slight increase in multi-species plantations for restoration since the early 1980s, even when true ecosystem restoration is clearly the objective, fewer mangrove tree species are normally used in initial forest establishment and any subsequent supplementary planting than are found in natural forests [44]. Restoration is returning a habitat to the most natural condition, whereas rehabilitation often focuses on optimising ecosystem services alongside biodiversity. Ocean Coast Manag 42:243–256, Brockmeyer RE Jr, Rey JR, Virnstein RW, Gilmore RG, Ernest L (1997) Rehabilitation of impounded estuarine wetlands by hydrologic reconnection to the Indian River Lagoon, Florida (USA). 2nd edition. The Philippines has estimated mangrove forests of about 356,000 ha, with a recent decadal deforestation rate of 0.5% (Gevaña, Camacho, & Pulhin, 2018). Mar Ecol Prog Ser 272:77–92, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Zetterström T, Rönnbäck P, Troell M, Wickramasinghe A, Koedam N (2002) Recent changes in land-use in the Pambala-Chilaw Lagoon complex (Sri Lanka) investigated using remote sensing and GIS: conservation of mangroves vs. development of shrimp farming. PLoS Biol 10:e1001247, Mukherjee N, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Koedam N, Shanker K (2015) An interdisciplinary framework to evaluate bioshield plantations: Insights from Peninsular India. It is expected that insufficient suitable studies will be identified to allow meta-analysis for all taxonomic groups or ecosystem services types. ¯ Biogeosciences 12(12):3805–3818, Agraz Hernández CM, Arriaga V (2010) Restauración del manglar en la laguna de Términos. Environ Dev Sustain 4:185–200, Dale PER, Knight JM, Dwyer PG (2014) Mangrove rehabilitation: a review focusing on ecological and institutional issues. Restor Ecol. If this is the case, the outcomes for these taxonomic groups or ecosystem service types will be summarised in tables. Recent recognition of the importance of mangrove forests has led to widespread efforts to restore or rehabilitate deforested mangrove areas, with many of these projects hoping to combine re-establishing ecosystem services for local communities benefits with biodiversity conservation [7]. 120 p, Agraz Hernández CM; Osti-Sáenz J, Jiménez-Zacarías C, García Zaragoza, Chan-Canul E, González Durán L, Palomo Rodríguez A (2007) Restauración con manglar: criterios y técnicas hidrológicas de reforestación y forestación. American Fisheries Society, Kissimmee, pp 281–233, Lewis RR (1990) Wetlands restoration/creation/enhancement terminology: suggestions for standardization. Tropical forestry 8. 10.1023/A:1011121109886, Millennium ecosystem assessment. Sub-group analysis will also be run to investigate the effects of different taxonomic groups and ecosystem service types to address the proposed secondary questions. A review. With the help of Denmark, Myanmar will conduct mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation projects in Myebon and Rambree townships in northern Arakan State where the greatest mangrove forest degradation is found. Abundance and biomass studies will be weighted by the inverse of the variance (Eq. Mangroves on the move: Habitat restoration efforts underway New funding from the Governor’s Office is aiding a partnership between the Department of Disaster Management and the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society to rehabilitate mangrove forests, starting with a nursery on the eastern end of Jost Van Dyke. J Coast Res SI 42:191–197, Selvam V, Ravichandran KK, Gnanappazham L, Navamuniyammal M (2003) Assessment of community-based restoration of Pichavaram mangrove wetland using remote sensing data. J Environ Manage 2012, 107: 84–95. et al. Demopoulos AWJ, Cormier N, Ewel KC, Fry B: Use of multiple chemical tracers to define habitat use of Indo-Pacific mangrove crab, Scylla serrata (Decapoda: Portunidae). ZSL's team of mangrove researchers have published the following manuals: 1. Not logged in Borenstein M, Hedges LV, Higgins JPT, Rothstein HR: Introduction to meta-analysis. 10.1038/ngeo1123, Carlton JM: Land-building and stabilization by mangroves. Privacy Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to restore or rehabilitate mangrove wetlands, published studies (particularly peer reviewed) provide useful insights into designing R/R projects with clearly defined and prioritized management objectives based on a diagnostic of the source of damage/deterioration. Braz J Aquat Sci Technol 9(1):67–74, Miyagi T (2013) Environmental characteristics of mangroves for restoration in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The area extension of mangrove sites undergoing restoration or just afforestation ranged from few square meters to several thousand hectares. 10.1016/S0925-8574(00)00070-7. The study estimates planting, capital and recurrent costs at approximately US$41 per hectare of mangrove … Ecol Eng 2005, 24: 403–418. 10.1016/j.tree.2011.08.006, Field C: Rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems: an overview. In: Field CD (ed) Restoration of mangrove ecosystems. While additional species in a community often may increase ecosystem resilience [39], ecosystem properties can often be maintained despite species loss due to functional redundancy or little contribution to the process from the species [40]. volume 2, Article number: 20 (2013) Lewis RR, Brown B (2014) Ecological mangrove rehabilitation – a field manual for practitioners. []. This systematic review protocol presents a methodology that will be used to assess the impacts of mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation on biodiversity and provisioning ecosystem services in a global context. Mcleod E, Chmura GL, Bouillon S, Salm R, Björk M, Duarte CM, Lovelock CE, Schlesinger WH, Silliman BR: A blueprint for blue carbon: toward an improved understanding of the role of vegetated coastal habitats in sequestering CO 2. 4. Environ Conserv 4:51–58, Thomas S (2014) Blue carbon: Knowledge gaps, critical issues, and novel approaches. ISME Mangrove Ecosystems Occasional Papers No. ... Mangrove and Beach Forest Rehabilitation and Conservation B. 1452878), and the Department of the Interior South Central Climate Science Center through Cooperative Agreement # G12 AC00002. J Appl Ecol 2008, 45: 854–862. X J Environ Manag 116:196–203, Benítez-Pardo D, Flores-Verdugo FJ, Casas-Valdéz M, Hernández-Carmona G, Valdez-Hernández JI, Gómez-Muñoz V (2015) Forestación de isletas de dragado utilizando dos especies de mangles, en una laguna costera del Golfo de California, México. 384 p, Bashan Y, Moreno M, Salazar G, Álvarez L (2013) Restoration and recovery of hurricane-damaged mangroves using the knickpoint retreat effect and tides as dredging tools. Ocean Coast Manag 49:531–545, Primavera JH, Esteban JMA (2008) A review of mangrove rehabilitation in the Philippines: successes, failures and future prospects. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 413 pp, Tovilla C, Román AV, Simuta GM, Linares RM (2004) Recuperación del manglar en la Barra del Río Cahoacán, en la costa de Chiapas. Aquat Bot 2008, 89: 251–259. Unpublished thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore. 10.2984/1534-6188(2008)62[1:PCOTMC]2.0.CO;2, Rönnbäck P: The ecological basis for economic value of seafood production supported by mangrove ecosystems. Taylor and Francis, New York, pp 343–352, Lugo AE, Snedaker SC (1974) The ecology of mangroves. Mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation. The Turing Foundation is a Netherlands-based private charity established in 2006. Do mangrove forest restoration or rehabilitation activities return biodiversity to pre-impact levels?. ... there have been significant efforts to increase mangrove extent through restoration and rehabilitation. Three different types of mangrove rehabilitation and restoration measures were undertaken in the years 2010 to 2014: (1) afforestation or restoration, where barren land within the mangrove belt was re-planted, (2) enhancement plantings, where seedlings were planted in order to increase diversity and structure of existing forest to increase resilience as well as (3) scattered plantings, where … © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Philippine mangroves chart (2.17 MB) Tohoku Gakuin University, Action for Mangrove Reforestation (ACTMANG), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), United Mexican States Ministry of the Environment and International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME), Moreno-Mateos D, Power ME, Comín FA, Yockteng R (2012) Structural and functional loss in restored wetland ecosystems. 2 [56], where LnR & Tucson: Society for Ecological Restoration International, Ellison AM: Mangrove restoration: do we know enough? An in-depth study in Sri Lanka. However, despite their ecological and economic value, they have been negatively impacted at different local and regional scales in the last 60 years. Wetl Ecol Manag 20:447–459, Saenger P (1996) Mangrove restoration in Australia: a case study of Brisbane International Airport. viii + 240 pp. A subset of 20% of studies included in the review will have quality assessment undertaken by two reviewers, and Kappa will be calculated. Mar Pollut Bull 37:404–419, Underwood AJ (1997) Experiments in ecology: their logical design and interpretation using analysis of variance. Bull Mar Sci 89(2):585–601, Hamilton S, Casey D (2016) Creation of a high spatio-temporal resolution global database of continuous mangrove forest cover for the 21st century. However, the review only used a subset of the available literature on the topic, of which the majority was published in peer-review journals or FAO reports. Alongi DM: Present state and future of the world’s mangrove forests. Niche partitioning studies have also been conducted in mangroves and associated inter-tidal mud flats to identify how such diverse communities can be maintained with a relatively homogenous input of organic materials and nutrients [21].

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