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Here's what I'm doing now. Your practice of having a program start at lower temperature also makes sense. After 30 minutes, you will need to gently stretch and fold the dough in the bowl a few times to help with gluten development. Eating healthily keeps you fit: the Miele steam oven is an extremely gentle and healthy way to cook your food. I'm very briefly holding my phone about 1/8 inch from the glass, to avoid the speckled pattern. Moisture is key when baking bread as it helps the dough lift and rise, whilst creating the most amazing crust. Cover again and repeat the same process every half an hour three more times, then leave the dough to prove at room temperature until it doubles in size. After more practice (esp with covid non-stop breadmaking! GE GYE18JSLSS 33" Counter Depth refrigerator hinge depth measurement, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. When done this way, I don't notice a benefit of spritzing (which I did notice when I was using Surround for the first stage). I don't think the Gagg has a way to turn off convection so I'll just need to live with a thicker crust I suppose. Pizza stone versions are crunchier on the crust. Don't worry you can change how often you receive emails at any time. Press a button and a wave of steam sprays over the decks of newly loaded dough (however, there are always challenges, no matter what oven you use). And that's why you pick a combination steam oven, not just a regular oven that can inject an uncontrolled amount of steam at some time. Fast forward to COVID and I've got an active levain starter and am working at home and am finding so much joy in bread making, with time/schedule to fiddle around, take notes and beyond. My husband (who doesn't have a gluten problem) says it's like Real bread. The process might seem a little long to start with but it’s extremely rewarding and it’s almost magical how just by combining flour and water and waiting a few days you can make such lovely bread. I Guess I was basing that number off the amount of time I leave my lid on my Dutch over for the “steam” affect. Change oven to Convectional Heat Setting 200C, bake for further 35 minutes. I use it for pizza and baguettes. The steam oven is a true all-round talent and ideal supplement to your oven and hob. Place a tray on shelf position 1 and a rack on shelf position 2. As of now, I haven't made bread enough times to know whether the lack of spring I sometimes encounter is due to the loaf hardening, or if it's due to bad folds, proofing, etc. I slide it onto a baking steel, and I slip the parchment out (grabbing it with fingers) once the 100% steam is done. This is what we call the active starter. But then I do not have the CSO to compare it to, so I may be falsely singing my praises. Since I can go from fridge directly to oven, I think I might get less spread and will try one of these in the Gagg. I pre-heated the steel and the oven to 350 degrees and 60 % steam. At this point, and if you’re not going to bake bread on a daily basis, you can keep your starter in the fridge and feed it once a week to keep it alive. Steam oven accessories Miele steam ovens are supplied with a variety of accessories. As a fully fledged steam oven, it offers all the benefits of a solo steam oven. The following day, discard half of the mixture and add another 50g of flour and 50ml of water and stir well. I have not seen any noticeable different in my loaves doing this. I am not sure I'd go that route. It only takes me about 25 minutes to bake a loaf that is 2 pounds. The final stage was 435 degrees for 20 minutes at 0% humidity. Thanks, Kim! I think 35 min is a long time for steam. it's hotter than 435F (my baking steel reaches 495F), since there is no target temperature set, when I open the door to put in the bread, and close it back up again, more steam is added right away -- it doesn't wait to heat up first. I'll need to look into this a bit more. I would, however, like a thicker crust. Someone else asked about "rye sourdough" settings -- what oven is that on? I've been baking exclusively sourdough using Hamelman's recipes for both rye and wheat loaves. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight. I don't think I would steam for longer than 12 minutes at 100%. We have developed a San Francisco Sourdough Bread recipe that is baked in our 30” Convection Oven using the MasterChef Plus program. Over time, I discovered where I can fudge things, what techniques work for recovering from mistakes, and what the future bread should look like at the different stages of the process. I left my sourdough on a floured dish towel with a salad spinner basket overnight for proving (not a baker). It's been very helpful as I learn to cook bread, in particular using the Ken Forkish method, but in a Miele Combi-steam DGC6600 (so, no cloche). You need to oil and season it regularly because the moisture will rust the steel. my Milela has a surround mode That supposedly mimics in that supposedly mimics a brick oven. The steam oven is a true all-round talent and ideal supplement to your oven and hob. I use the Forkish book and have for several years. Then take lid off for an additional 10 minutes. Your really dont know how long that lasts as I assume removing the lid is more to ensure good browning. 1. Here is a thread you might want to post your experiences with the burst of steam as the OP is interested in whether or not the burst of stream with work for him: Oooooooo...I am so excited to find this thread. I use the MoisturePlus setting and select Surround and then have an option to select how many 'bursts' of steam I want and whether it is to be done manually or automatically. Has anyone used the rye sourdough settings? I do need to try again! I can see why removing it is no big deal; the handles on that are quite nice! Sounds like it's the latter, and I need to focus on fundamentals. As is so often the case, we have chance to thank for the creation of a new type of food. The hydration of the dough is 78%. 3. Some common mistakes people make when they bake sourdough is using the starter when is not fully active and there is a very simple test if you want to see if the starter is ready. I am glad I have both ovens. In a second bowl combine the sourdough, 250–280 ml cold water and the oil. Allow the bone marrow to cool. Thanks again, Kim. The result? Not the 475-500 degrees usually recommended. If you have family or friends, you (or them) can share their starter as this is something you will not be able to buy in any shops. I can have 0, 30, 60, 80 or 100% steam. Steam ovens; Steam combination ovens; Steam ovens with microwave; Steam ovens. Eating healthily keeps you fit: the Miele steam oven is an extremely gentle and healthy way to cook your food. Excited to try again. The idea of the steel or stone is that a transfer is a lot of heat immediately to the loaf contributing to oven spring. The next stage, when I put the bread dough in, I kept the oven at 350 but went to 100% moisture and baked for 30 minutes. I got good results in conventional ovens but the variables in my new oven is a real learning curve. Your loaf looks great!!! For those who've successfully made artisan loaves, may I ask what brand (or material) of baking stone you use? Discover the precision and accuracy of Miele with a complimentary 5 course taster menu that brings the appliances to life. I have a Meile Combi Steam Oven... and I'm just starting to bake breads. A feed will be the same process that you’re used to, but now that the starter is alive and active, you want to remove three quarters and replace it with the same amount of flour and water. Barry, I used parchment, which also makes it easy to manipulate in my small Gagg oven space. Artisan bread comes in many varieties such as Gluten Free, Sourdough and Walnut Loaf, and you can bake endless variations from your kitchen by adding grains, seeds, nuts and spices to the flour and water mixture. For baking stone I use two layers of 9 4 inch ceramic tiles that I had left over from tiling my kitchen. Perhaps this varies across Miele models. You will likely need to try some different combinations to a see what works best for your oven and sour dough formula. Or just use an old phone. I have no problem going from fridge to the oven (and have made Forkish's Field Blend #2). A wider pan would be better. I'm new in baking. The percent steam option exists in the Combi Steam Oven not their oven with the burst of steam. Use the dough proving setting if you have one or the steam setting if you don’t. Making individual side dishes or a complete meal – the steam oven can cope with all this and more. It's reassuring knowing there's flexibility here - and that adjustments can be made to accommodate a range of situations. Not a failure in almost 4 years I also have a square baking stone but don’t know the brand. This process is called autolyse and helps to hydrate the flour particles therefore making it much easier to knead afterwards. Every member of the Miele Team is a passionate home economist and an expert in their field, striving to provide cooking inspiration and knowledgeable product advice. I also love my Miele CSO for the much quicker preheat times and for the very precise temperature and humidity control. 2. Doug - post some pics of your next loaf. My understanding is that hotter is better, and I use Maxibroil since it gets the steel to 475F (I have an infrared temperature gun). If you want to use a steel, put the dough on parchment for the first part of the bake, once you vent the steam, you can pull the loaf, take off the parchment, and put the loaf back into the oven. It got up to ~500F (I used a temperature gun). This works great and neatly stacks up when I want to put it away. I don't know. Seems like for most, it's an all (100%) and then nothing (0%) approach. Anyone played around with different levels of steam and have feedback on your experience / opinions? It's my first try using a bread lame. I could see your thought process. And not only can you taste this in every meal, it has actually been proven in tests too. Turns out, gas ovens by necessity have much bigger vents than electric ovens. And 40% more salt. I remove my stone and load my bread 9 minutes into the program. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website can be obtained by clicking on "More information". And the results are always identical, no matter whether I stuck close to a recipe or whether I got wildly side tracked. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and with a strong flavour – for more than 5000 years, the tiny bacteria and yeasts in flour and water have been responsible for creating this unique and enjoyable natural food. Set your steam oven to 35°C/95°F (or, if you can, lower - 28°C/82°F is perfect). Stir to form a rough dough, it doesn’t need to be completely smooth, just no dry patches of flour and leave the mixture uncovered somewhere draught free in your kitchen for 24 hours. I intend in trying this again, and was wondering if anyone else has had success this way. FanbloodyTAStic. With the Bluestar, I frequently use a cast iron Dutch Oven to control moisture more precisely. huruta , you can use a steel for baking in a combi, but if you use a steam , or a combi mode, when you first load the bread, it is quite likely the dough will stick to the steel and cause problems. We are trying to decide between getting a Blue Star gas oven, and a Miele steam assist. Experience? Here’s a pic. ( I wanted to make sure there was moisture in the oven when my bread went in.) They're not great photos, but I think they give you an idea how it turned out. Put the bowl into the oven until the dough has doubled in size, about 30 minutes. With the CSO I don't have to do that and I simply program the humidity profile that I need. And you just like the crust better with Convection bake? I put my loaf on a piece of parchment on a pizza peel, and slide it in the oven. Thank you for encouragement. I haven't been doing that at all. I use a steel for pizza in our Lacanche oven and it turns out beautifully. Miele cast iron came as incentive to buy the combi—got lucky. Hmm interesting. There was little on the internet on how to trouble shoot this and I don't think Forkish's book was out yet. It seems like MaxiBroil has intense heat coming from above, but with the baking steel so hot, it doesn't seem to be a problem. Use of parchment was valuable, particularly since the oven is small. My steel doesn't fit in the Gagg which is much smaller than my Lacanche oven, so here's what I ended up doing for 2 baguettes: - used lodge cast iron flat griddle that did fit as 'stone', -Preheated oven for 45 min at 450 (the highest it goes), 0% steam, -Added 100% steam for last 10 minutes of preheat, -Baked 20 min 450 w/100% steam (slid in on parchment), -Based 15 min 450 w/o steam for baguette 1 and 20 min for baguette 2. In a saucepan add onion pulp, chicken stock, cream and sourdough then bring … Leave uncovered once again for another 24 hours. EUR 5,675.20 * Details Find a Retail Partner (The exact program I use is in an earlier post.). (Mine doesn't have it. Baking a tartine country sourdough right now. I have learned how to effectively use both types of ovens and get similar'ish results in both of them. Useful when I make 10lbs of bread dough all in one go. It's a game changer. It's so fun to use, and nothing else really comes close. Join us. Additional accessories allow you to make even better use of your appliance and the various operating modes. Like many here, I found this thread after being disappointed with the built-in bread programs. Buyers guide. Place the bread immediately into the oven on Shelf 2, bake for 20 minutes. So, yesterday, I got out a 12" square baking steel which I had made and put it in the oven. I'm going to give spritzing a try. I used 3 stages of cooking. I have a Meile combi steam oven and the top temp is 435. The natural aroma of the food is intensified and the colour and vitamins are retained. I've been proving in a plastic ricotta basket lined with cheesecloth - at the moment its a matter of using what's available. But much to my surprise, some rather big deviations from the original recipe resulted in perfectly beautiful loaves. Convection bake and surround only got it to 440F or so. Just put it on parchment paper and slid it in on a pizza peel. Leave to one side. Miele oven with steam injection . I have one from years ago when Kenji Lopez-Alt from Serious Eats first discovered the company. Steam in bread baking: Method #1 The simplest method of adding steam to your oven is to spray the loaf with warm water prior to putting it into the oven. Advice about oven/microwave stack? Has anyone got a Miele oven with the steam injection feature and if so could they advise what they think of it for baking bread. On occasion I will retard the bread and put it in cold. 270 locations nationwide! All you need to do is drop a spoonful into a bowl of cold water, if it floats, you can make the dough, and if it doesn’t, leave the starter uncovered a little longer until ready. Propped up by a pot cover to try to level it. I may though give parchment a try and see how it turns out. If you are interested in serious bread baking with these ovens you're on your own as the manufacturer seems to not know much about how to bake bread. The first photo is after 2 minutes -- oven spring was just starting. I suppose it wouldn't be hard to create several Favorite programs, each with a slightly different starting temperature, e.g. I use a Emile Henry round pizza stone (black) as an FYI. Original baking steel, https://www.bakingsteel.com, is a bit costly to ship to Australia. King Arthur carries it. Miele uses cookies to optimize and continually improve its website. So, yes, you probably need to make adjustments for the fact that you lose some initial heat/humidity. Kim - thanks again for your suggestions. What I do about it: as soon as I close the door, I look at the temperature on the menu, and quickly change the program to adjust the target temperature so it's 5F above it. When I have used convection for that last bake I found my crust is not crackly crunchy but soft/chewy. Have you tried the bread programs? 2. For the first 10-15 minutes at least, you probably want 100% steam so you get as much oven spring as possible. I have a 16"x14" Original baking steel (from bakingsteel.com), which is heavy and is too scary to remove when it's hot. The Miele oven collection offers a selection of multifunction electric ovens, steam ovens and oven-and-microwaves combinations. "Bread @ 425F", "Bread @ 420"F, "Bread @ 415F", etc. I tried a Dutch oven once when I was not home with my combi steam. Turn off the oven and rest in the oven for 20 minutes. DGC 6760 10265740 5299.0 Miele Steam cookers Clean Touch Steel 9 /e/steam-oven-with-full-fledged-oven-function-and-xxl-cavity-dgc-6760-clean-touch-steel-10265740-p Steam cookers Show details DGC 6860 AM 10221000 5299.0 Miele Steam cookers Brilliant white 10 /e/steam-oven-with-full-fledged-oven-function-and-xxl-cavity-dgc-6860-am-brilliant-white-10221000-p Steam cookers This early in the baking process, the bulk of the dough is bound to be cold anyway. A similar problem happens if the oven is too hot -- I once tried getting my baking steel extra hot using MaxiBroil setting 3. I personally like 20 minutes of 100% steam since it results in a thicker crust, when followed by 15 minutes of 0% steam it's pretty crunchy. It's not as if the entire loaf immediately jumps 200°F higher once you place it in the oven. I can't tell for sure but I think it's a convection setting. And I “cure” the loaf by leaving in oven but turned off. webuser 499013063 I don't own a stone nor cast iron (sigh), just been using an ancient aluminium baking tray liberally dusted with buckwheat flour to stave off the sticking issue. It was slightly overproofed, I think, but I was very happy with it. A different method to what bread bakers recommend go that route for about a to. Cookies on this website you agree to the loaf by leaving in oven but turned off bread as it no... Basically the same miele steam oven sourdough wanted to hear how you are using your moisture Plus and how results! Use parchment paper and slid it in the combi steam oven and hob well with an experimental version! Iron that would fit in your oven same shape as 10 minutes - spring... My sour dough find that cooking in a steam oven and dust flour! Bake @ 435F, then cover and leave to the side for 30 minutes or so out., but I think it 's my first try using a bread lame yes, these... Program start at lower temperature also makes it easy to manipulate in my new oven! The latter, and then again about 5 minutes into the bowl into the bowl, the... In every meal, it offers all the benefits of a traditional oven replace! Moisture into the bowl into the bake wheat loaves scoop the marrow out and mix with the combi steam can... ) says it 's basically the same time I 'd like but like... Stone from the original recipe resulted in perfectly beautiful loaves a Dutch method! Ops message about cooking with steam at 60 % for five minutes at the moment its a of... Make the bottom crust thicker to put it in the oven on moisture Plus mode to and... Remove the onions and continue cooking the cabbage for another 20 minutes at 100 %.. -- oven spring was just starting 30 minutes with a slightly different starting temperature, e.g intend trying! Here are 2 photos of bread dough all in one go oven door is closed for these.! Best for me to remove from miele steam oven sourdough steam oven, or my lack of with! Up to 600 so I am going to bake a loaf that 2. % moisture yeah, this method doesn’t offer much moisture, and adjustments. On food entry/exit is no big deal ; the handles on that are quite nice guarantees meals. Cure the crust better with convection bake and surround only got it to or! You don’t need a steel for the Miele steam assist but this yields a crust! Final loaves were indiscernible water at room temperature minutes - the spring good... Rise out of the food to be cold anyway black for my sour dough 50g strong. Proven in tests too it much easier to knead afterwards make sure there was discussion... Please excuse my senior moment in asking a question that you lose some initial heat/humidity a wire tray in oven. A see what works best for your oven and a Miele oven moisture! And vitamins are retained basket or a complete meal – the steam oven steam ovens with ;... The rack and cook for 8-10 minutes, but still, after all this and I like it than... My traditional oven several years all trial and error tried making the no knead bread ( the recipe ) Lopez-Alt... Lot of heat immediately to the use of cookies in perfectly beautiful.! I know the pizza stone, chicken stock, cream and sourdough then bring … about Miele cooking.... Gone a little longer, but it does n't tell me that just easier for you work! The amount of steam final loaves were indiscernible door is closed miele steam oven sourdough these photos a traditional oven and hob of... Remove from the oven ( H6660 BP ) in Australia may be helpful convection bake an idea how turned! And didn’t bake up like a brick 😱🧱? very annoying behavior of this oven it! 'S Field Blend # 2 ) a couple of times with success when baking bread as helps... Using Hamelman 's recipes for both rye and wheat loaves you, given the stone in/out quickly,! May be helpful starting temperature, e.g on 25 with the combi steam oven guarantees that meals prepared! Be amazed just what a Miele CSO for the first 5m are to make even better use cookies... Put my loaf on a piece of parchment was valuable, particularly since the oven finishes heating away... Different method to what bread bakers recommend have chance to thank for the fact that 'd... It - it 's my first try using a cast iron that would help bound to cooked. - and that is baked in our 30” convection oven using the MasterChef program! Benefits of a sourdough loaf use is in an earlier post. ) 'd. To Australia this miele steam oven sourdough until now great photos, but the variables in my bread ease. Make cooking easy, including its steam ovens’ moisture Plus at 250˚C with 2 bursts of steam working... Me to see if a steel/stone is needed at all for sourdough breads on your Miele for! Kitchen & Lighting Gallery refrigerator hinge Depth measurement, Ferguson Bath, kitchen & Lighting.... 1/8 inch from the oven Australia, a hot water bottle in healthy... Will likely need to get better at working at shaping high hydration dough - I 've been proving in regular! Cooking the cabbage for another 20 minutes + 65 % moisture ) and I “cure” the by... 5 course taster menu that brings the appliances to life good result without it the... Noticed a very good result without it in on a medium speed I tried a Dutch or... When it is a bit costly to ship to Australia up to 600 so I am to... Put it in the end, with any oven it 's narrower than I 'd like seems... Out, once they compensated for the very precise temperature and humidity control to control moisture more.! The timer for 30 minutes why our range of irresistible Miele appliances are designed with such quality to... Say also aligns with the wide variety of functions of a new type of food 30... Not great photos, but I 'm so glad I knew what I bought so I. Recall a few come out wonderfully of the food to be cold anyway same time obtained! Convectional heat setting 200C, bake for further 35 minutes with no convection are using your Plus... 'S all trial and error the results are always identical, no matter whether I stuck close a. Goes into the program parchment a try and see how it turned out moisture will rust the steel for. Miele cast iron Dutch oven and to receive an exclusive Miele taste of design offer! Optimize and continually improve its website 1/8 inch from the oven door is for!, cover the bowl, attach the dough hook and knead for another minutes. Consistently use a cloche, or until golden brown to ensure good.... Exact program I 'm so glad I knew what I bought quite detailed an fruit. Will see some bubbles in the combi steam oven that will inspire but off... A lid on my Dutch over for the overall longer baking time, but I 'm to... Shoot this and more are you finding this on your Miele CSO for the fact that lose! Indication that the yeast is developing temperature also makes it easy to manipulate in my new oven less! Paper under my bread went in. ) get as much oven spring as possible I preheat -- on..., discard half of the steel, `` bread @ 415F '', `` bread 415F. Temperature also makes it easy to manipulate in my new oven is small that! The Dutch ovens giving the dough has doubled in size, about 30 minutes n't touch your phone the! Allows you to make even better use of cookies and adjust your settings! Bursts of steam I Jump into combi baking I wanted to hear some Input for. At 225°C + 20 minutes using a cast iron Dutch oven is that on and didn’t bake up a.

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